What is Service Design?

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First, the basics:

Imagine two different auto repair shops who can both quickly and cheaply fix your car. Ultimately, the one with a better-designed service will lead to more positive experiences, and you'll be more inclined to recommend it to friends and family.

  1. Services are intangible goods that, just like cars and websites, can be well designed.
  2. Because of this intangibility, people are less conscious of service quality, and often overlook opportunities for improvement.

(Also available on Vimeo.)

Why was this made?

Service Design is a young field that can be tricky to explain, but we believe that it can be done well.

Whether you’re a designer in another field, a potential business client, or just an interested individual, this video was created to help you understand the role, process, and values of Service Design.

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Help us improve!

If you're inspired by our video, but think you could make it even better (eg. narrate in another language, new music, etc.), we'd love your help!

This video and all the files used to make it are licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. If you’re interested in contributing, everything is available on GitHub.

Who made this?


a service design doer
living in DC.

He enjoys magic,
rock climbing, improv acting,
and writing haiku.